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Chris Farley's Funeral

Unfortunately, however, it is inevitable, which means, that at some point or another we will all be faced with the planning of a loved one’s funeral. Preparing a eulogy for a loved one could be a daunting task. The best way to start is to collect all the necessary biographical information about the person who has passed away and this can be done with a help of other family members, friends, co-workers.

These three words are enough to convey to the grieving person that you understand the importance of the deceased person in his life and that you share his sadness. Grieving family and friends want others to remember their loved one's life and acknowledge them. In trying times it can be a struggle to keep your composure, however making notes will help you focus. It need not only be a summation of the public facts, but a glimpse of the uniqueness, when combined with those facts, created a personality.

If you were very close to the person who died and you are expected to stand up in church or at the graveside to recite a poem, make sure that you have a supporter. Others might just read it during the wake or some may even refuse to share the composition to the crowd. Concentrate on the finer parts of their lives that touched people, even strangers. Just having someone else on the stand by will put your mind at ease.

It is important to sit down, take a deep breath and write down a few points you can make. And if all of your practice fails and you cry, that is alright too. Take your time, take several deep breaths before you start reading. Eulogy poems have a global message that crosses cultural boundaries.

They become a reflection of ancestors lives for generations to come. A poem you write for someone you know of might just bring the same reassuring message to other families who suffer through death. A gentle, sincere hug or a shoulder to cry on is what a bereaved person needs to feel to know that he is not alone in his grief. They have no family minister and would prefer a celebration of the life lived rather than a sermon.

If you find it hard to think of moving things to say, you may want to look at various sources for inspiration or short quotes to include in your speech. If you follow these tips on how to write a resolution for a funeral, you will be able to stay strong and write your eulogy.

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