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Funeral Quotes

Although death is one of the things that are certain in life, most if not all people still find it difficult to deal with it when placed in this situation. A statement, also known as a eulogy or a religious tribute to a deceased person, is not easy for most people to write or think of. Remembering someone special in a personal way can be healing for everyone concerned, for a eulogy is a deeply personal way of saying goodbye.

Just sit down and write from your heart. A good eulogy is less a personal statement of your feelings about the person than a way to draw the mourners present together to share in recalling and celebrating the life that has been lost. A eulogy is usually delivered as a speech at a funeral service. The majority of those who are asked to write a eulogy have a great deal of knowledge about the people they will be honoring.

A way of saying that there lies a promise of a reunion of the dead and the living in another place and another time. Choose funeral poems which aren't too long, just in case you can't finish them. Writing an obituary is often helpful when someone close has died or may be dying. Funeral information can also be found through a church, synagogue, or other place of worship.

One can also include the persons photograph along with the vocational and personal interests he was involved with when alive. Ask other family members and friends to share their memories, anecdotes and stories of how that person touched their lives. While some are buried in family cemetery plots, others are entombed in mausoleums. Look for a focal point or make eye contact with someone who can provide that extra strength you need.

Nonverbal actions are equally important during funerals. Do not try to embellish your story with half truths or lies. In the spirit of putting in a good word for the deceased, a eulogy will rarely dwell on any less attractive side of a person's life - a funeral is a time for positive thoughts, forgiveness and perhaps a little regret at lost opportunities; but traditionally it is not a time for accusations and controversy when the person is not in a position to come to his or her own defense. Focus your writings on what the deceased did during their lifetimes, and not on the sadness of their death.

Humor is an appropriate way to celebrate life. If you find it hard to think of moving things to say, you may want to look at various sources for inspiration or short quotes to include in your speech.

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